ExamIT, the leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services, can now administer secure onsite exams.

ExamIT can help organizations who want to host technical assessment exams for their employees or potential employees/contractors. Independent certification trainers who would like to add a revenue channel can develop practice exams and host it with ExamIT on revenue sharing basis.

Hosting Price for Practice exams: There are no administrative fees for hosting practice exams. All revenues from sales is divided 70%/30% where ExamIT will promote the practice exams on exclusive basis. We will not permit the hosting of the same exam by multiple individuals thus ensuring you exclusivity.

Hosting Price for Recruiting Firms/HR Department: Recruiting firms and HR departments only pay the administrative cost of $500/exam and $5/exam/candidate.


Currently we are looking for certified expert trainers to develop exams exclusively for the following vendor certifications:









-Red Hat


and many more….


If you are interested in developing practice exams, please e-mail us your resume to


complete the contact form.

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