ExamIT, the leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services, can now administer secure onsite exams.

ExamIT focuses on providing complete on-line assessment services including Certification exams, Job Assessment exams, exam hosting and as well as providing on-line practice exams for selected vendors. Our on-line exam engine gives you the platform to create certification and assessment exams that can measure effectiveness of your training programs and products.

ExamIT is partnering with certification training vendors where we are looking to offer our Secured ExamIT engine to host 3rd party exams in the most cost effective manner. We offer a diverse array of products and services suited to all kind of companies, training institutes, vendors, publishers, universities, colleges, HR departments looking for online assessment solutions.

Marked by high quality and affordable prices ExamIT products and services are attracting an enthusiastic response from the industry. Why wait? Contact us to find out how ExamIT can help you.

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